Getting abs is a major goal of many men and even some women, but not all are successful in their quest to get it. Abs are not gotten over night, a lot of work needs to be done to get them. A lot of people think that doing a thousand crunches in a day will give them abs but this is far from the truth.
It is important to note that diet is a major determining factor in the building of abs, even more than exercise. This is often neglected by most people and that it’s why they find it difficult to get abs.
This article will rightly guide you on how to get your abs by giving you important tips on how to build abs.


Not all carbohydrates are bad for the body and not all will make you fat. Brown carbohydrates such as oats, brown rice and wheat are good for the body, White carbohydrates should however be avoided.
Brown starchy carbohydrates are good for the body and very beneficial in helping to build up abs. They are more effective when consumed after workout, because they are less likely to turn to body fat. Eating healthy carbs enables you body get the necessary antioxidants, minerals and fiber necessary for the full functioning of your body.


Eating protein is very necessary for building of abs. Protein helps in the building up of the lean muscles and also helps in getting rid of fat. Of all the micronutrients, lean protein is the most effective when it comes to thermogenic effect. This implies that a lot of energy is required by the body to break it down to the form that can be assimilated by the body.
Eating a proteinious breakfast is very effective for the burning of body fat. Studies show that people who ate proteinious breakfast were less hungry throughout the day and this was very helpful in loss of weight. Until belly fat is lost, abs won’t show well, so to get rid of the fat and get the required abs, consume a lot of protein. Protein also helps in building up of muscle tissues.


In as much as eating a lot of fat can increase your body calories, if the fat is healthy and the percentage of fat consumed is kept within the range of 20% to 30%, you won’t have to worry about increase in calories. Unsaturated fat such as fish oil, olive oil and nuts are healthy for the body and plays a role in building up of abs.
Healthy fats are necessary for the building up of abs because they help in stabilizing of the body’s insulin level , which often causes fat retention if it gets too much. This means that taking healthy fat indirectly helps in preventing the retention of fat in your body and fat (especially belly fat) is an enemy of abs. With the right diet of both protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats, your body’s metabolism is increased which leads to the constant burning of fat in the body. So eating healthy fats makes your effort to build up abs, pay off really fast.


Eating a balanced diet is vital for getting abs. Your body needs the right quantity of every single class of food to function well, focusing on only protein and avoiding carbohydrates and fats won’t do much good to your body, always ensure that your meal is well balanced. Your body needs all the necessary nutrients it need to stay healthy and function well.
Eating a balanced diet also entails cutting out consumption of processed food. Processed foods are always lacking in nutrient and can increase the level of unhealthy fat and sugar in your body. This isn’t good for building up abs.
In addition to this eat as often as you can, starving yourself makes your body hungry and when you finally decide to eat, you end up over eating. It is advisable to eat three healthy meals in a day and three snacks in between, this will help keep your body ad nourished as it should be.
Also ensure to drink a lot of water. People that drink a lot of water loose weight faster than people that do not.


Contrary to what most people believe, doing only crunches a thousand times a day won’t give you the desired result. It is important that you have a good work out routine that comprises of different excericises that will help your body loose fat and also build up your muscles. Do not focus too much on excericises that revolve around the abs, workouts that facilitate general fat loss are actually more profitable. Excericises like Barbell squat, barbell deadlift, dumbell lunges, pull ups, dips and push ups are great for the burning of fat and building of abs and should be incorporated into your work out routine. Also ensure that you exercise your core muscles. Exercises like the plank, reverse crunch, bicycle helps to exercise your core muscles and help you get the desired abs faster. Combining all these different excericises during your work out session helps you achieve the desired result faster than focusing on just one exercise for hours.


As seen in this article the key to building abs is in your diet. Once the diet is gotten right, all you have to do is to add your workout routine and you will get your abs in a while. It should however be noted that patience and consistency is vital if you want to get the best out of your effort. Do not skip your routines or break your diet rules, try to stick to it on a daily basis.
Patience is also vital because abs are not built over night, you need patience and resilience to get them and also need discipline to maintain them once you get the abs.