Crossbody bags are comfortable to wear, evenly distributes, and stylish. You no longer have to worry about your hands being busy, placing your bag down before paying for goods, being attacked from behind, and getting your wallet stolen. All these problems and more have been resolved with the invention of crossbody bags.

Crossbody bags are lightweight and easy to access, making it convenient to grab things from your bag even when on the walk. They are great to wear in busy cities, on your morning commute, as well as being paired with a beautiful dress to go out at night. In all, finding the best crossbody bag for you perfects the balance between functionality and style.

What to Consider When Getting a Crossbody Bag

  • Size: Crossbody bags are usually small and more compact than a tote bag, so get one that is big enough to keep all the things you want to take out. Find a crossbody that is petite but still has enough space to keep your day to day essentials.
  • Material: They are usually made with different materials ranging from nylon to leather, and so on. Most of these bags generally have extra hidden compartments behind the well-designed exterior.  Some of these are steel ribbons or slash-proof mesh hidden in the fabric, which in turn makes them last longer than the typical leather, cotton, or canvas made bags.
  • Comfort: The straps which will be worn across the shoulder should be padded and soft enough, with the buckle very far away from your skin. This is to avoid it digging in your shoulder no matter how heavy the bag becomes, especially if you are going to carry it for a long time. Also, the bag should have some padding so that your belongings do not bounce off your hips as you walk.
  • Compartments: Fewer compartments is to be expected than the typical backpack or tote bag. However, there is always the main one for keeping your essentials, then the addition of side pockets, extra zip pockets behind, or in front of the bag. All these are to maintain that slim silhouette crossbody bags are known for.
  • Safety: Most crossbody bags are water-resistant and protect your valuables against damp conditions, but they are not waterproof in heavy downpours. Also, lockable zippers, slash-proof materials made strong with mesh, straps with stainless inner ribbons, and RFID technology protects your essentials. Like cards, passports from thieves.

Why Chanel Crossbody Bags?

Chanel crossbody bags are sophisticated, stylish, comfortable to wear and come in different appealing designs. Wearing them as crossbody depends on your style and build. Here are some:

  • Chanel Wallet On Chain Bag: Also known as the Chanel WOC, it comes with a long non-adjustable strap. It is the best crossbody length bag and is very comfortable.
  • Chanel Girl Bag: This bag can also be worn as a crossbody and also in different styles, depending on the occasion or your mood.
  • Chanel Large / Jumbo Classic Flap Bag: This bag has a long length chain, which makes it possible to be worn as a crossbody. Also, it has a non-adjustable chain and is something you should have.

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